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We needed a new recruitment system because our offices and consultants were bogged down by paperwork. Thankfully, we came across CentricFlow. The CentricFlow team really understands how recruitment works, and the system we have is completely tailored to suit most recruiters’ requirements, so it really is simple for us to use.

I can’t speak highly enough about it and the difference it has made to the way we operate, there’s so much more simplicity and clarity than we ever had before. Thank you CentricFlow for a wonderful system and for the friendly, professional way you have helped us to get set up and listened to the changes we needed. I’d recommend you to any recruiter wanting to get their systems up to scratch!

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Industrial Team
FT Recruit

We have been using CentricFlow now for several months and found it from a Managing Directors point of view quite unique in what it delivers for us. I can check that all compliance is up to date, see daily numbers on the plan overview and set daily tasks for the consultants. With COVID affecting us all the new onboarding the system offers has saved us time, money, resources and makes compliance failure impossible.

I would highly recommend this system as it gives you the flexibility to grow without increasing your overheads to achieve it.

Managing Director
Scorpion Recruit

CentricFlow is the new up and coming recruitment system. CentricFlow is there to support our team and to help us work smarter and is now saving us a lot of time on the admin and payroll side.

Payroll Administrator

I have been using CentricFlow for a number of months now and the system has made a huge difference to the business especially through difficult times such as COVID. With the onboarding feature we are still able to register candidates in the same compliant way but in a much faster and less time consuming manner.

I would recommend CentricFlow to any recruitment business out there looking for software as this as not only helped to enhance the profitability of the company but also saved the company money but not needing to take on extra staff as the software does this.

Recruitment Consultant​
Scorpion Recruit

Our Recruitment business was in the market to upgrade our computer system, due to our endless administration and our processes driven by paperwork.

Since joining up with CentricFlow; we have had a system that has been tailored towards our business. One of the things that I found common in the CRM world, is that a lot of these companies don’t understand (nor want to) how recruitment works. CentricFlow’s system is simple; but it does the foundations as to what a system should do, without the un-necessary ‘bells and whistles’ that aren’t needed. Whether it is logging a sales call, looking at the KPI’s/Stats within your business or searching for a type of worker geographically; it works and shows other CRM providers that “less is more…”

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