Our Features

Take a look at what our Platform offers your Agency. There are
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Our Features​

Quick and Easy Candidate On-Boarding

You can quickly and easily register your candidates and get all the compliance documents you need at the same time.

Manage and monitor Candidate Compliance

Monitor and manage you client and candidate compliance all in one place and get alerts to documents due to expire.


Candidate placements and booking plan

Booking you candidates into positions using our quick booking process, whilst ensuring they have the right skills and compliance for the job.

Maintain accountability and transparency

Will a full audit trail on the platform, you can keep on top of what's been done and who by.

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Measure and Track KPI Metrics

Setup your KPIs and track them with our alerting and signage screen view.

Easy to use Margin Calculator

Our advanced and easy to use Margin Calculator allows you to keep on top of your margin and costs with a helpful breakdown.

Manage your Client and Candidate Leads

Never loose a lead. You can document and track your leads.

Download and Export Reports

Generate and download reports in a variety of formats to suit your needs.

Realtime Candidate Availability

Both the Agency and Candidates can add the availability, with full visibility and reporting.

Advanced Timesheet & Payroll Processing

With advanced calculations of timesheets, your payroll process can be operated very quickly.

Video Conferencing

Schedule a video Conference with a client or candidate at the click of a button or even a team meeting.

REST API For 3rd Party Integrations

Our API allows you to integrate your existing systems into our system.

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